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Front End vs Back End Development: What Is the Difference?

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This job provides flexibility; many companies support remote work, though you may have to commit to set hours each day. Team structure varies depending on the company’s size, but front-end developers usually work alongside designers, back-end developers and quality assurance analysts. From e-commerce to streaming, companies’ success largely depends on their website experience. As more of our lives move online, demand for web developers is expected to increase by 30% from 2021 to 2031, the U.S.

backend for frontend development

The thing I like about React is that it’s just a view layer, and can be a very simple one at that. A beginner could start putting things on the screen very quickly, then pick up a framework or larger app architecture later on. Not only is it a way to get started quickly, but the core concepts of a view layer learned through React would be applicable in larger frameworks. What I’m saying is that a successful and profitable software is complex, and failure to develop any aspect of it can cost a lot of time and money. If you are coming from the old school of programming, you might think the backend is harder to work rather than the frontend.

The Top 22 Backend Technologies to Learn in 2023

This means your site will now have to store information about products, purchases, user profiles, credit cards, and more. Your business website looks great, and the gourmet dog treat bakery has become incredibly successful. Now customers want to buy large quantities of goodies for their furry friends, and start asking if they can order online. That’s around 13,400 job openings per year — much faster growth than the average profession. Instead of finding the problem and manually undoing it, you can roll back the project to an earlier version.

backend for frontend development

This means that Express is relatively minimal with a wide range of features available as plugins. Becoming a web developer is more about your portfolio than your academic accomplishments. Like front-end developers, aspiring back-end developers might benefit from earning a degree related to back-end development, but most employers don’t require a degree.

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Angular is not only perfect for web or mobile apps, but you can also this framework to develop multi-page and progressive web apps. Companies like Blender, Forbes, BMW, and Xbox already deploy applications developed using Angular. Frameworks have become an integral part of the web development process today because of the rising standards of web applications and the complexity of the technology required. The simpler, the better—but most back-end developers know it’s not that easy.

backend for frontend development

It’s the part of the drive-thru process which users directly interact with. The drive-thru worker might take the user’s order over the intercom, hand the prepared food to the user through the window, communicate the final price, and accept the money for payment. If you’re looking to get rich quick or take shortcuts, please stay away.

Technologies used by backend developers

The testing process may include checking the function of content management systems or personalization tools. On the front end, developers are responsible for interacting with clients and project managers who have a vision for their website—or at least an idea of what they’d like. Your job is to use your experience and training to provide solutions to their digital problems. To determine which one—front end or back end—is right for you, start by learning the job duties, languages, and frameworks used in each career path. Web development careers are well-suited for curious, detail-oriented people who love to learn.

  • For that reason, I do not recommend managed sites like HostGator or GoDaddy for seasoned developers.
  • It’s used to build user interfaces for single-page applications and is currently the most popular JavaScript library.
  • Such an ‘inversion of control’ pattern is meant to be a crucial principle of a framework and benefits the coding by implementing a universal flow for the team to customize in similar conducts.
  • Once you consider yourself good enough with the minimum requirements, it’s time to acquire the recommended skills.
  • Back-end developers must be familiar with many kinds of tools and frameworks, including languages such as Python, Java, and Ruby.
  • A big part of a frontend developer’s job is to create responsive websites.

A database stores website content in a structure that makes it easy to retrieve, organize, edit, and save data. There are many different databases that are widely used, such as MySQL, SQL Server, PostgresSQL, and Oracle. It’s important to note that, although frontend development deals with the visual and interactive side of a website, it’s not the same as web design. In terms of frontend developer salaries, the answer varies based on where you’re located in the world and which of these skills you have, but expect to earn comfortably above average.

Front-End Developer Education and Skills

This entails creating web accessibility functions that would make browsing the web a pleasant experience for everyone. Frontend programming has a lot of aspects to it, but thankfully there are a lot of options for learning how to develop frontends for programs. FreeCodeCamp has a compilation of close to 200 articles and tutorials to help you learn frontend development.

backend for frontend development

10 years ago, who has ever thought that JavaScript should be used to write server-side code, but it’s now quite reasonable. Node.js has consistently ranked as the most popular framework in StackOverflow’s Developer survey and the key to writing a web application, end-to-end in a single programming language, i.e., JavaScript. Since frontend frameworks weren’t as popular or non-existent in the past, unless you want to call jQuery library a framework, there was more attention on backend related programming languages.

What Are Common Back End Development Languages?

Many frontend developer jobs prefer or even require that you have a related degree. If you don’t have one, you’ll have to make sure your web development portfolio speaks for itself. Full-stack developers are generalists who do both frontend and backend development. If you need more choices, you can also check out my list of top 5 courses to learn Spring boot online, where I have discussed some advanced courses for experienced developers as well. At this moment, React or React.js is the most popular front-end framework for web developers.

An API (Application Programming Interface) allows an application or service to access a resource within another application or service. Ajax isn’t a technology by itself, but a set of programming techniques. If a website is doing more than displaying static information, it’s probably thanks to JavaScript.

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