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Are you the product or cause of workplace unhappiness?

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By: Andrea Rothamel
Whether you are working feverously to cover business expenses, or to achieve your own personal economic goals, most people today are having much difficulty in meeting their financial needs.  With divorce rates skyrocketing, a dramatic rise in newborns with special needs, and diseases wreaking havoc more often than before, it is understandable that the majority of people are at their wits-end in attempting to maintain some semblance of a healthy personal life.  The pursuit of financial security, satisfaction in your career, internal bliss and comfort within your soul, isn’t simple.  Being happy doesn’t come easy.
Most of us spend more time in the office than we do with our families, getting a good night sleep, or both combined.  If you are unhappy at work, you are spending more than 50% of your day miserable.  And you probably have good reasons to be less than joyful, or so you think.
No stranger has any right to question your reasons for being unhappy.  It is quite possible that outside influences are affecting your daily life, negatively.  It is probable that you have a long list of complaints which are valid, none of which stem from your actions.  However, I urge you to think about this:
Are you spilling your misery over onto everyone around you?  If so, you are, in fact, spreading the despair disease.  Conversely, if others are affecting you, they are infecting you.
What is the antidote?  YOU ARE!
Fostering a positive environment within your workplace can change this vicious cycle.  If you are in a bad mood and all of your employees or co-workers are smiling and helpful to you, this will brighten your day.  If they are in a bad mood and you shoot them a smile or a thank you, you will brighten their day.  Which comes first, the chicken or the egg?  It doesn’t matter.  Be the sun, the bright shining star, who sprouts flowers from the carpet and expels beautiful floral fragrances of kindness all over the office.  Your employer, employees, co-workers and clients will value that with deep gratitude, respect and loyalty. You can be the catalyst to better days for yourself and others.
There are valid and quantitative reasons why so many tech giants are now fostering playtime and joy within the confines of their office walls.  It increases productivity, loyalty and entices the best of the best to come join the company.  Enjoying life causes unexpected bursts of innovation, which, in turn, creates lucrative productivity for the company.
For those in the legal industry, as well as many others, who are thinking that the sector is adversarial and combative at the core, yes, that may be true.  It was pointed out to me that the antagonistic nature of certain businesses breed the thick skin mentality that is difficult to avoid.  Again, this may be true.  A certain level of insensitivity may be mandatory in your career, however, save it for the right time and place.  Do not make the mistake of targeting your family, friends, employer, employee or co-workers because you forgot to turn off the switch.  The people on this list are not your adversaries.
The best way to see it is this:  When a shopper goes to the supermarket and grabs a carton of eggs, most check to see if any are broken, right?  Why?  It’s not the loss of one little egg you are concerned about, it’s more likely that the one little egg has, or will, leak onto each and every egg in the carton, then maybe into your cart or on your hands and clothes.  Don’t be the broken egg!
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