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FaceTime & Skype Meetings

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By Sibila D. Hujic

No one seems to schedule fifteen minute meetings, meetings are usually scheduled for thirty to sixty minutes in most law firms. Time goes into scheduling a meeting and sometimes meetings run over their expected time or the client is late and precious minutes are wasted.

While I am not saying that Skype is appropriate for every situation and meeting, I think it is a great tool that is not used nearly enough. If  a potential client would like to come in but you aren’t sure if it’s a case that you want to take on, there is no better way to show the client that you are willing to give them your time and save your time then having a meeting on Skype. If you simply brush away a client just because you are not interested in their current matter, they will not come back to you with another matter in the future.

Skype is free for the most part and very simple to you use. If you do not have a company that handles your interviewing, when looking to add staff, Skype is perfect for the first interview. You can interview six people, ten minutes each in an hour and weed out the ones that you are not interested in. Imagine how long it would have taken if you had those six individuals make appointments to come in.

Best part, you do not have to be in your office. You can use Skype from your laptop, your home computer or your cell phone. This gives you the flexibility that in person meetings do not provide. It is very rare that an in person meeting lasts less than twenty minutes. Your Skype meetings can be as short or as long as you would like. There is no walking the client to the door, but a much faster, “we will be in touch, have a nice day.”

Offering no obligation consultations through Skype also provides convince to your potential clients, they will not have to spend time traveling to your office and are much more likely to hire you as their counsel due to the fact that they were able to have their meeting with you quickly and did not have to wait for an in person appointment to have their questions and concerns answered. If a client needs more attention, you can always schedule an in person meeting later on.

Skype is a great tool to utilize. Get creative! If you have to make an international call, Skype is perfect. The instant messaging service is a great way to stay in touch with your staff and colleagues. Want to improve customer service? Provide your clients with a Skype button, allowing them to contact you and your staff. Take a few minutes out of your day and be available to talk with your clients and watch client satisfaction increase. There are many options for video calling, I love them all, but Skype remains one of the best choices.

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