Paperless Law Firm

Law practices have always relied heavily on physical paper documents. Much time and effort is expended in the filing, storing, locating, and retrieving of physical documents. Every facet of this process is simplified by converting to a paperless practice.

There are many potential advantages of going paperless. Your office will use much less paper which is good for the environment and the budget. Locating documents will be quick and easy due to the consistent document-naming and storage system we will help you create. Productivity and efficiency will increase. Costs for storage, filing, and staffing will decrease. Most importantly, all of your documents will be available online from anywhere, at any time.

We guarantee that the advantages will be worth the investment of time and money. Sibila & Co. will create a customized "Action Plan" to guide the entire process. We believe in the 80% paperless rule, which means not all paper will be eliminated. Together, we will create a customized plan which you will feel completely comfortable with. Our approach is unique. We break the procedure down into manageable portions which allows us to help you approach this process in a logical progression, which will result in a smooth transition.

Thoughtful and proper planning is required to achieve a successful paperless office. We know it can be done and we encourage you to give it a try. Go ahead and take the leap – you will not be disappointed.


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