What are the benefits of Sibila & Co.'s law practice consulting services?

Attract new and desirable clients
Break through barriers and reach objectives quickly
Create more work/life balance
Develop creative solutions to ongoing challenges
Development of competitive strategies
Enhanced cost management
Hone key communication skills
Increase billable time and reduce write offs
Increase staff productivity
Improve office technology
Plan effectively for eventual retirement
Re-establish satisfaction and challenge to your practice
Reduce stress and worry about files and deadlines
Set and achieve goals through an action plan

How does Sibila & Co.’s Legal support work?

Depending on your preference of time and venue we can meet at your office, at our office, via phone, or virtual conference room to discuss your expectations, needs, and any questions you may have.

What can Sibila & Co. do for my law firm?

We are able provide your firm with everything from law firm management consulting to full-service paralegal support and we are able to perform the same tasks as your on-site employed paralegals and office managers perform.

We have a team of exceptional law firm consultants and senior paralegals who are experts in law-firm management, organizational overhauls, law firm launches, human resource management and everything in between. Nationwide services are available for our out of state clientele.

We provide new employee paralegal training for all of your new paralegals and legal assistants; our senior paralegals with 20+ years of experience have successfully trained countless paralegals, legal assistants and secretaries. Training will consist of the essential elements of the paralegal profession, from ethics to guidelines on how to perform their everyday tasks efficiently and successfully.

How will work be transferred? How will we communicate?

You will be able to assign tasks, projects and instruct us through the phone, facsimile, e-mail, virtual conference room or instant messaging. Finished work product is generally e-mailed, transferred through a secured server, US mail and overnight delivery. We are also available for on site assistance.

What is Litigation Support?

Litigation support is the process of providing consultation and support services to attorneys in regard to current and pending cases and law firm management. 

What is the average turnaround time for a project?

Turnaround times vary depending on the complexity of the project. Most projects and tasks can be completed within the hour; more complex projects usually take longer. Our staff will work with you to create deadlines that meet your needs.

Do you pick up and drop off the work or files for law firms?

Yes, for local solo attorneys and firms who retain our services monthly.

Will you contact my client on my behalf by phone, e-mail to complete assignments, or relay messages like an in-house paralegal would?

Yes. We will contact clients on behalf of you and your law firm as you direct us to do, just as an in-house paralegal would.

Are your services available over the weekend?

Yes. As a matter of fact, many of our clients take advantage of our weekend services to catch up on overflow work from the previous week so that they never get behind.

When and if my legal assistant or paralegal is absent will Sibila & Co. be able send a paralegal or a legal assistant to fill in on short notice?

Yes, for local attorneys and firms we are able to fill in on site when you need us. We are just a phone call away.

What are the benefits of using Sibila & Co.'s law firm business management services?

With Sibila & Co., you save the costs, commitment and loss of billable time of hiring and managing your own staff. There are no benefits, social security or other employment taxes to pay when hiring Sibila & Co. With Sibila & Co.'s contracted law firm business management services you need only pay for exactly the amount of such services you actually need. With the cost savings of hiring Sibila & Co. rather than employees, you can replace non-billable staff with billable legal staff, perhaps reduce office space needs, or invest in business development improvements. More importantly, Sibila & Co.'s accounting and finance services can help you improve your billing and collections processes. 

Can Sibila & Co. help me start my practice, move my office or open a new branch office?

The details, time demands and skills of starting a new practice, moving or opening a new office can be overwhelming. We have the experience, "to do" lists, organizational capacity and vendor relationships to handle this for you, while allowing you to stay focused on your practice with minimal interruptions. We understand the challenges facing new law firms and have first-hand experience in surmounting those challenges.

What is Sibila & Co.'s general response time?

Our commitment is a response to all phone calls within 90 minutes during our business hours. We meet that standard 99 percent of the time.

My paralegals desks are covered in piles of paperwork. Can you help?

Sometimes paralegals and legal assistance need a better way to prioritize and organize their workload. Our office is available to work with your paralegals to revamp their approach toward their work and provide them with the tools to be more efficient, as well as productive.

Is the consulting/coaching confidential?

Yes. We keep the identity of our clients confidential and all of our discussions remain private and confidentiality is assured at all times.

What is the difference between a focus group and a mock trial?

A focus group is typically used to identify key issues in the case or learn how jurors are likely to respond to specific aspects of the case. We present jury eligible community members with general information about the case and then have a candid discussion about what they think is important. This can be done at any point in the process and is a valuable tool in shaping the direction of your case. A focus group can usually be done in a few hours.

A mock trial, on the other hand, is like a dress rehearsal of what will be argued in court. Once you go to trial you only have one shot. A mock trial gives you a chance to test your strategy so you know you are walking into court with an effective argument. Generally speaking, a mock trial will include live opening arguments, witness testimony (usually from videotaped depositions), closing arguments, and jury instructions. Mock jurors are then divided into groups to deliberate until a verdict is reached. After deliberations you will have the opportunity to discuss the case with mock jurors. Mock trials are conducted later in the process and generally take an entire day. Therefore, to get an accurate sample of community members, we usually conduct mock trials on the weekend.

In short, focus groups are generally used to develop themes and strategies. Mock trials are used to test those themes and strategies.

What are the benefits of your online jury service?

Our online jury service will help you prepare for trial, improve trial strategies, identify case strengths and weaknesses. You will receive candid and quick feedback from as large a pool of jurors as you wish.

Additionally, Sibila & Co.'s online jury service allows law students and young attorneys the ability to develop and expand their basic knowledge, skills and techniques they will need to become effective trial attorneys.

Your case may be submitted to our jurors by way of e-mail, audio recording and video recording. Sibila & Co. can also arrange a live video conference between you and a jury, for instantaneous feedback, for a TRUE TRIAL EXPERIENCE.

How is transcription of dictation accomplished?

Depending on your preference, digital dictation files can be uploaded to our secure server or emailed to us.

Analog tapes can be mailed or picked up.

For your convenience, a dial-in dictation service is available at all times.

Does SIbila & Co. charge hourly for consulting services?

Sibila & Co. uses several different billing methods which are all dependent on client preference.

Our goal is to build a powerful partnership with your law firm, and reliance is not fostered when there is a meter running. Therefore, we feel it is best to use the flat project fee method rather than charging per hour. The work that is going to truly get you results, move your law practice forward and keep your business humming along smoothly should not be dependent upon a clock. We want to achieve real results and progress for your office. The needs, goals and challenges that law firms face are unique, as are our solutions.

What are the financial advantages of using Sibila & Co.'s legal support?

NO Training costs 
NO Unemployment taxes
NO Social Security taxes 
NO Worker’s Comp Insurance 
NO Sick time or vacation time
NO Contributions to retirement or health plans
NO Need to pay for down time
NO Workspace problems
NO Overtime
NO Personnel problems

Just quality support when you need it.

Does Sibila & Co. provide legal services to the public?

Sibila & Co. does not provide legal services directly to the public.

What if I need services that I do not see listed?

The services that are listed are a general outline. Since most of our work is customized based on our clients needs, not all of our services are listed. Please contact us and we will be more than happy to assist you. If what your company needs is not something we specifically provide, our project managers will find and bring it to your firm.

How do I get started or find out more?

Call 646.837.7967 to get started or to find out more without obligation.

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