Our Team

Sibila D. Hujic
President & CEO

Sibila D. Hujic is the CEO & President of Sibila & Co., Inc. Ms. Hujic is a management, operations, and technical legal consultant who cultivates strong business relationships and provides consultative services to lawyers and law firms nationwide. Her emphasis is on helping clients achieve their business objectives by engaging in participatory, action-based, results-oriented change initiatives. As President, she sets the strategic direction of Sibila & Co.'s Team, designs change interventions, hires and places consultants to match client needs, and oversees project management.

Ms. Hujic brings a valuable combination of skill and experience in law firm management, sales, marketing and counseling. With her background, she evaluates and assists law firms and lawyers in business development, client retention and management related issues. Through her law practice consulting and strategic planning services, she helps law firms of all sizes build and maintain a law practice that is profitable and sustainable.


Rachel Slomowits
Managing DirectorRachel Slomowits

Rachel Slomowits is the managing director of Sibila & Co. In her role as managing director, Ms. Slomowits drives strategy, capability development, and growth of Sibila & Co. while overseeing the day to day management of Sibila & Co., including the oversight of the paralegal and administrative support department.

Ms. Slomowits is adept at gathering and assimilating information, analyzing complicated sitautions, identifying risks and leverage points, and helping develop and implement an action plan to achieve a favorable result. Additionally, Ms. Slomowits has considerable experience evaluating, supporting, and improving law firm management practices, procedures, and systens in the context of litigation support.

Andrea Rothamel
Senior Consultant 

Andrea Rothamel supports client organizations with change management consultation, cross-functional teambuilding, process re-engineering, and management development. Ms. Rothamel partners with clients to customize interventions to best meet their needs to improve productivity and teamwork, customer satisfaction, and resolve inter-departmental conflicts within their law firms.

Ms. Rothamel has over fifteen years of strategic consulting experience, advising law firms and their leaders on practice management, business development and financial matters. In addition, she manages the law firm start-up projects and staff, in a hands on approach to provide practical, step-by-step resources on how to launch and build a successful, start up firm.

Sameen Naqvi
Senior Financial Consultant

Sameen Naqvi specializes in law firm financial systems and administration. Ms. Naqvi is responsible for month-end financial close processes, margin analysis, management of a team of paralegals, and assitance with budgeting and forecasting. She also develops multiple year business plan models, month end financial reporting packages, daily cash management projection analysis, and 13 week cash flow forecasts.

Ms. Naqvi routinely develops and implements financial management reporting systems, analyzes and resolves strategic operating problems, and proprietary business software solutions. She has been extremely successful in developing procedures to successfully collect past due accounts receivable and increasing daily cash flow for law firms nationwide.

Laurel Flynn
Senior ConsultantLaurel.Flynn

Laurel Flynn specializes in disaster and business recovery planning. Ms. Flynn has developed, tested, and implemented customized disaster recovery and business resumption plans that have proven to be invaluable to law firms. She is responsible for establishing goals and objectives and more importantly, she incorporates advanced technologies and proven processes to allow you to get back in business quickly after a catastrophic event. Ms. Flynn develops recovery strategies that address your local and remote workers, clients, vendors, facilities, hardware and software, communication services, support contracts, and lead times for replacing equipment and services and restoring date.

In addition, Ms Flynn is in charge of our paperless law firm projects, as well as staff, making sure that the transition toward a paperless law office is as smooth and efficient as possible for attorneys. 

Dzeni Hujic
Chief Technology Officer

Dzeni Hujic, owner of an independent software development company, is currently working with Sibila & Co. to provide IT solutions and maintenace of all technology based products and services. Mr. Hujic practices a unique and revolutinary approach to solving information technology problems. His team is able to handle all production from scratch, web design, reworking existing technological structures, adding to existing systems or applications, and everything in between.

The consulting services that Mr. Hujic provides are customized to suit the circumstances of each client. He provides an overall IT strategy that is second to none.

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