New Employee Paralegal Training

Training is imperative, even for hires who have excellent skills and experience. Sibila & Co. offers a variety of different training options for new employees. Our goal is to train your new employee and provide vital foundational skills and knowledge, so that they will be an asset to your firm from the start, reducing learning curve errors. Many law firms lose valuable time in training new employees, due to the interruptions within the law firm. Employee training tends to take double or triple the time as it would if it was done in a few sessions without interruptions. 

After the initial training is completed, your employee and your office will have full access to Sibila & Co. for additional support, questions, training and problems. Whether your staff is having a problem collecting payments, obtaining a document, a proof reading request or procedural questions, we have you covered. We have seasoned paralegals on standby to answer any questions your staff might have. Your paralegal and legal secretary will be able to contact us through instant messenger, e-mail or any method you prefer. This service was created to eliminate interruptions for attorneys. Constant interruptions easily cause numerous matters to fall through the cracks. Instead of questioning and interrupting an attorney, a new hire may questions one of our team members.

Depending on the area of practice, our training sessions will include conducting client interviews, performing research, drafting documents, preparing closing binders, assisting lawyers with trial and hearing preparation and conducting factual investigations. Depending on your preference, we can also cover transcribing legal documents, maintaining the calendar, arranging documents (e.g., briefs, motions, answers, subpoenas, contracts, complaints, responses) in proper formats and maintaining files and indexes.

We are available for one on one training or virtual training, where your employee never has to leave his or her desk. The ability of your staff to produce high-quality work is essential for a successful firm. Our training and support services will assist your staff, new and old, to develop and use a system of checks and balances that clearly define everyone's role (from initial preparation through final review) and ensure that the work meets established criteria before it leaves the firm.

Training Topics Include

  • Advanced Document Preparation
  • Alternative Dispute Resolution
  • Business Organizations
  • Correspondence
  • Court Structure
  • Document Preparation
  • Ethics for Paralegals
  • Interviewing and Investigation
  • Introduction to the Evidentiary Predicate
  • Law Office Administration
  • Law Office Management
  • Legal Process
  • Litigation Process
  • Medical Records
  • Research skills
  • SAGA Training
  • Substantive Topics of Laws, Personal Injury, Medical Malpractice, Criminal and Civil Procedures, Family Law
  • Trial Preparation
  • Use of LexisNexis and Westlaw
  • Writing and Analysis
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