Case Management Software

LawAlign is an innovative Case Management Software developed by attorneys and law practice consultants, approaching the market with a unique and personalized perspective. LawAlign is our sister company whose case management software is designed specifically for your law firm and can be tailored to meet all of your firm’s specific needs.

LawAlign's exclusive business model unites firms with management experts and IT professionals to create customized software that fits the firms needs and resolves its organizational deficiencies, efficiently and inexpensively.

LawAlign was founded in 1996 for the legal community. Their current software product is an affordable, powerful, easy-to-use case management system. Quite simply, LawAlign helps you organize your practice. LawAlign makes it easy for attorneys and legal assistants to electronically manage every aspect of the case, from client intake through depositions and discovery to settlement or trial. It was created by the needs and wants of attorneys, using a built-in, industrial-strength relational database engine and a friendly, user-driven interface. This combination of processing power and ease-of-use allows legal professionals to do valuable work from the day of installation, and they need NOT become computer experts. LawAlign is not an out of the box Case Management Software, it's completely customized to fit your firm and your needs.

Typical Firm Tribulations:  Most firms battle similar management difficulties which cost the company extraordinary losses in terms of time, energy, productivity and most importantly, profit.  Deficiencies in office organization, workflow, communication (both externally and internally), work product uniformity, mismanaged files, lost data and documents, inadequate productivity, and Staff shortcomings in size, skill or motivation are all a one-way ticket to dissolution of firms.

LawAlign Solutions:  LawAlign Staff recognizes effective existing firm policies and procedures and incorporates them into a customized software product.  As well, they identify and then solve firm deficiencies by integrating new practices via specialized software features to eliminate those pesky and recurring firm difficulties.

Benefits:  In streamlining data organization, workflow and managing firm activity, technologically, firms benefit from the following:

Increased profits

Increased productivity

Increased case turnover and resolution rate

Improved office technology

Increased client satisfaction

Increased quality of work product

Increased staff motivation and satisfaction

Ease of Case monitoring

Ease of Staff performance monitoring

Achieved goals & deadlines

Reduced costs

Reduced errors

Reduced stress

Reduced grievances and malpractice claims

Who is the Team & What do they do?

LawAlign consists of experienced attorneys, legal consultants, directors, managers, software developers and IT professionals, working collaboratively, to offer a hybrid of consultation and software services, resulting in management solutions and a comprehensive, yet expansive, software package.

What good is purchasing an out of the box case management system when it doesn’t include your procedures and processes? Don't waste your time having to conform, change and battle a learning curve. LawAlign is customized for your office; it is built with your needs and wants particularly for your firm. 


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