Online Jury

Sibila & Co.'s online jury service is a form of qualitative research designed to serve as a powerful tool for attorneys who are preparing for a trial. The knowledge gained through jury feedback is invaluable. Carefully selected jurors will be asked about their perceptions, opinions, beliefs, and attitudes towards the case that you present, providing you with beneficial juror feedback. Attorneys use the gathered information to determine value, educate the client, persuade the opposition, dissuade unreasonable expectations, zone in on the facts to emphasize, and create ideal juror profiles. By thoroughly analyzing the strengths, weaknesses and opinions regarding the case facts, attorneys will develop effective legal themes and strategies.

In addition to trial preparation, more and more attorneys are using our online jury service to guide them in settlement decisions. Our clients have told us that using our online jury service brings some "science" to their settlement decisions, especially on difficult-to-evaluate cases. An online jury will provide case review and answer verdict and case-related questions. The size of the jury is entirely up to you. An online jury may be utilized in numerous forms depending on the information sought. Cases for review can be sent to the online jury via e-mail, voice or video recording. Your case may also be presented through a live video conference, where you will be able to interact with the jury in real-time. It is left up to the attorneys to decide whether to test the entire case or only certain elements. 

After we have completed gathering juror feedback and the responses to the questions that you requested, statistically compiled results as well as detailed demographic information about each juror will be provided to you. 

The online jury service is an affordable and confidential alternative to traditional face-to-face focus groups. In our experience the insight gained into how prospective jurors will view your case is a vital part of trial preparation. 

Traditional face-to-face focus groups and mock trials are available upon request. A mock trial is the most efficient and reliable way to test drive a case. Together we will discuss the case, select a date and location, agree upon the type of jury to be recruited, and determine the most effective manner of presentation. The deliberation and feedback sessions are often videotaped (usually with a hidden camera) for later review by the attorney. Our focus groups and mock juries will prepare you; they will allow you to practice the presentation of your case. Focus groups are indispensable. Cost permitting, a mock trial is a great opportunity to fine-tune one's case. 

Our law practice consultants have facilitated thousands of successful online juries and more than a hundred focus groups, so you can be confident in our ability to manage and provide you with the best online jury and focus group experience possible.

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