Virtual Receptionist?

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By: Sibila D. Hujic

While most people say that voicemail is good enough for their business, we have to ask ourselves, how many people really leave or even like to leave voicemails? I know I don’t, do you? I am sure that if you really need something, you will leave a voicemail, but that is not the voicemail I am talking about. I am talking about the voicemail from a potential client calling to find out about your services and if you can help them. Once they can not reach you or speak to someone, they will continue down their list and call another lawyer.

Having a virtual receptionist is something to think about. We use a wonderful virtual receptionist, and unfortunately she can not answer Sibila & Co’s phone at all times, since she is a human after all and does need breaks, at least that’s what she tells me anyway. Every single time that my office is closed and the calls go to voicemail, I find that I had numerous unique numbers that called and only one or two messages. My conclusion, I lost business, while that might be okay on a holiday, it is most certainly not okay on a daily basis. It is important to me and my company that when clients call, they speak to someone every time they call.

As far as we are concerned, virtual receptionists get a big YES from us!


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